Security systems for large office buildings and shopping centres

Centre Security Innovations only provide services to commercial clients who hold a maintenance contract with us.  As such our focus is clear in that we aim to work with the customer for a sustained period and not just provide a one-time install or ‘quick fix’ to a problem.


Commercial Security Services
Commercial Security Maintenance Services

Maintenance of existing systems and set-ups

Maintenance and troubleshooting are a big part of our day-to-day business life, whether this be remote access works, telephone support or engineers physically attending site to investigate and resolve the reported fault. Our maintenance contracts range from £700 to £20,000 per annum and our tailormade to the specific requirements of the customer.

We have a team of expert technicians who are constantly on call, fixing problems and offering recommendations. Our maintenance work covers an extremely wide range of systems, from old even obsolete CCTV systems through to analogue HD and IP systems. Some of the shopping centres we maintain date back to the 1960s and 1970s, but we can work with their existing cable-based systems to get a cost-effective solution without compromising on security.

We react to emergency callouts with an incident reaction team notable for its speed of response, covering queries and emergencies by the next working day at the latest. Key performance targets are agreed with our customers on an individual basis. With over 12 years’ experience in the security business, we are well-established, building a great deal of good faith in the industry.

With our clients, we form relationships with the whole operational team, from site managers through to the security guards controlling the systems meaning we are able to respond effectively to all forms of reported issues.

CCTV & Access Control Systems

CCTV and access control systems combined with the use of intercoms to grant access are the core disciplines that we maintain as a business. As a company albeit we have our preferred manufactures we are able to maintain and install the vast majority of systems used in commercial premises nationwide. We work closely with a number of key distributors allowing us to purchase the required parts quickly and efficiently so compromised systems can be rectified speedily.  The market place is always evolving not only in terms of the technology available but also the different products and manufacturers that vie for dominance. This is why CSI value the strong relationships that we hold with the distribution channel and our allocated dealer managers so that we can be constantly kept abreast of new developments or improvements on the vast product ranges available.

Remote Monitoring Services

The remote monitoring of CCTV systems is not a new concept but in recent years has become more and more common place. It is a key service that we offer to many of our clients with their focus being not only on ensuring their sites remain well protected against unwanted intruders or antisocial behaviour but also on drastically reducing their overheads by removing the need for security guards at certain times. Regardless of whether the CCTV system at the premises is state of the art or something that has been in use for over a decade we are able to enhance the systems so that they can provide the level of service required and alert a remote Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to any unwanted movement on site. The options are vast in terms of what areas are covered, what schedules are required, what actions need to be taken, keyholder notification, emergency services notification, integration with tannoy systems so verbal commands can be remotely given (live or pre-recorded) and all of which can be advised upon by CSI.

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Fire Alarms
Commercial Access Systems
Commercial Intruder Alarm
Commercial Barrier Maintenance

Additional Services

On many sites due to the closeness of the working relationship we are entrusted to manage services that we do not supply directly ‘in house’ by our own engineers. These services are predominantly but not exclusively fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems, barriers, gates and automatic door operators. In the main these systems tie in very closely with our core products especially the latter three as typically we will install our access control system to operate the barriers, gates or automatic door closers used on site. In all instances we subcontract these works to a handful of firmly established, well trusted partners. As a company we feel that this offers our clients a ‘one stop shop’ where they can be provided with all of their electronic security needs by just one company.

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Centre Security Innovations are proud to be accredited by many of the major organisations in the market.  These Managing Agents and Facility Management companies constantly verify the competencies that we hold as a business both in terms of organisational structure along with our processes and procedures but also in ensuring that the quality of our engineering workmanship meets and surpasses the highest industry standards. It is largely due to these accreditations that we have been able to establish ourselves so prominently in the market and be in the position whereby we continually tender for the most prestigious electronic security maintenance contracts that are available.

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